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                                             501 S. McMasters

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Text Box: Texans know that the best barbeque in the world comes from no other place than our own home state, and Amarillo is a great place to look for some of the best in Texas. The Hickory Pit just celebrated their two-year anniversary of serving the finest ribs and smoked meats to hungry Amarillo natives.
At The Hickory Pit every meat is sacred, from the turkey to the sausage and everything in between; which is why every bite bursts with flavor and keeps you coming back for more. The specialty of the house is the Hickory Pitís smoked beef brisket, prepared in the cooker along with ribs on Fridays. The chopped beef sandwich and combo plates are best-sellers, and the ribs are to-die-for tender and tasty. Please give the Pit 24 hours notice if youíre ordering more than two pounds. The Hickory Pit serves lunch from 11 to 4 weekdays to hungry folks craving a home cooked meal.
The Hickory Pit is the real deal, and their tender, delectable meats will make you believe in the god of barbeque. Get over to The Hickory Pit for some of the finest barbeque in the world!